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Infectious Diseases

Infections are caused by:

  1. Specific single pathogens (e.g. M. tuberculosis causing Tuberculosis), which need a very sensitive method to detect the pathogen from human tissue and to determine whether the isolate carries resistance to recommended drug therapy.
  2. Multiple pathogens (e.g. sexually transmitted diseases caused by N. gonorrhoeae, C. trachomatis, T. vaginalis, HSV 1&2, etc.), which need a single comprehensive assay that can detect any or all of these pathogens.

Whether it is for identifying a single pathogen or multiple pathogens, the assay has to be sensitive for early detection.  The results must be comprehensive and confirmatory so that the attending physician can make appropriate decisions for a desired treatment outcome.

DNA sequencing is the best confirmatory methodology. Due to cost constraints, however, infections are presently detected by alternative/ indirect methods that may need additional confirmation. Further, more than one method is often used to process a single sample.

MultiGEN technology provides a single platform to test for all prevalent pathogens simultaneously. MultiGEN uses the ‘Gold Standard’ DNA sequencing technology, which maintains the highest degree of sensitivity and specificity.