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MultiGEN is the new benchmark technology to enter the molecular research market. Conventional DNA sequencing technology is the accepted ‘Gold Standard’ for identifying DNA, but presently it is ONLY used for research purposes. MultiGEN is a novel modification of conventional sequencing technology that allows simultaneous testing of multiple pathogens and/or genetic markers from test samples for a variety of research applications.

MultiGEN technology is applicable to: (1) detection of  nucleotide sequences associated with infectious disease ; (2) identification of genetic factors used in research studies of predisposition of health risks; and (3)  identification of genetic mutations used in research of specific cancer mutations.


Cancer Applications


Chemotherapy is the third component in cancer management following surgery and radiation. An effective chemotherapeutic treatment necessitates an accurate determination of drug specific mutations in cancer biopsy. Biopsies from solid tumors have three challenges to present methods; preprocessing of cancer (cells enrichment), mixed population of cancer cells where the variant cancer cells may present in low numbers; sample may carry small fragmented DNA carrying mutation of interest. In addressing these challenges MultiGEN uses combination of four of its platform chemistries MultiGEN™, Tumorplex™, PrimaCap™, Repseq™ in developing specific assays.


Following initial treatment with surgery, radiation, and/or chemotherapy, cancer management programs involve follow-up examinations to determine whether cancer at the primary site is cured with no secondary malignancies. While it would be ideal to detect circulating tumor cells or their remnants in the blood to monitor for the possible reoccurrence of malignancy, there are presently no effective technologies to do so. Novel features of PrimaCap technology is expected to detect specific cancer makers carried by inclusive of samll cell free circulating DNA (ccfDNA). Vigilance enabled by MultiGEN technology will provide an early indication of malignancy reoccurance.


On set of cancer occurs over a long period of time until it manifest as clinical symptoms. Present screening procedures are done mostly through physical examination or imaging (e.g. mammography, occult blood- colon cancer), which often detects cancer only after it is well established. MultiGEN foresees cancer-detection tests using <10 ml of blood to identify circulating cell free DNA (ccfDNA) at a very early curative stage. MultiGEN’s novel PrimaCap platform technology detects cancer-specific genetic markers ccfDNA (e.g. demethylation, cancer mutations) from any bodily fluid (e.g. blood) and clinical samples (e.g. stool) with greater accuracy than any other known or foreseen test platforms.