Bio-ID Diagnostic Inc. (Bio-ID) announced today that it has terminated its business collaboration with Physician Choice Laboratory (PCLS) LLC, Rock Hill, South Carolina. As a consequence, the exclusive licensing agreement with PCLS has expired, and Bio-ID has regained all of its valuable intellectual properties.

Subsequent to the termination with PCLS, Bio-ID together with a third party bought all relevant assets from PCLS, and business is continuing as MultiGEN Diagnostics LLC. The new facility is located at 1100, Revolution Mills Drive, Greensboro, NC, and the company’s website can be visited at

The company intends to retail its innovative molecular diagnostic products through its CLIA approved high-complexity clinical laboratory, and further develop its DNA sequencing-based platform technologies for infectious disease, pharmacogenomics and oncology.

For more information:
Please contact Dr. Roger Hodkinson, Chairman of Bio-ID Diagnostic Inc. or call 780.909.0577