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MultiGEN Diagnostics

Company Overview

MultiGEN is committed to the development of novel platform technologies in molecular medicine that overcome the limitations of present methods. We provide innovative solutions to current market needs.

Presently we have six patented platform technologies:

  • MultiGEN™
  • TumorPlex™
  • PrimaCap™
  • IC-Code™
  • SeqVariant™
  • DrugBind™

All these platform chemistries are novel modifications of Sanger sequencing, the proven ‘Gold Standard’ in DNA/RNA identification which possesses the unique advantage of verifiable specificity. They can be combined to develop customized multiplexed assays responding to clinical expectations for syndrome-specific panels, better sensitivity, higher throughput etc., and provide laboratory reports with enhanced accuracy for significantly improved patient care.

The Company, through its ongoing extensive research and manufacturing, also offers a variety of novel reagents (link to products) that have major advantages compared to those presently available.

These platform technologies can be used to develop specific assays for molecular diagnostics, drug development and personalized medicine. Presently, MultiGEN technologies operate on off-the-shelf instrumentation that is scalable to any desired throughput. Read More…


Senior Management and Board

Dr. Thurai Moorthy (President/Founder)
Dr. Moorthy is a molecular biologist turned entrepreneur. Over the past 25 years he has pursued the commercialization of novel technologies in the field of molecular diagnostics. He has patented a number of platform technologies worldwide that have novel applications in cancer screening and targeted chemotherapy, genetic predisposition, infectious diseases, drug discovery/development, and personalized medicine. All his inventions are independent of any academic encumbrances. These platform technologies are being commercialized through Bio-ID Diagnostic Inc. and its subsidiary MultiGEN Diagnostics Inc.; companies that were founded by Dr Moorthy and of which he is a director. He has published more than 60 scientific articles, and has been a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Clinical Microbiology, USA.

Dr. Roger Hodkinson (Director)
Dr Hodkinson is a medical graduate of Cambridge University UK and subsequently trained as a general pathologist in Canada. His varied career has spanned both general practice and private medicine as CEO of a large Canadian pathology laboratory, as well as taking leading roles in organizational and academic medicine. He has served as the chairman of the committee that sets the General Pathology Board Examination for the Royal College of Physicians of Canada, and has been extensively involved with resident teaching. He is a co-author with Dr Moorthy of a patent in molecular diagnostics. Dr Hodkinson brings to the Company extensive marketing experience in the positioning of products in the competitive retail laboratory industry.