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...a single genome

...or multiple genomes


...a single genome

...or multiple genome

Multiplex PCR


two different groups of truncated molecules are formed from each amplicon...

Amplicon B

Amplicon A


Target Sequence 2

As these move through the capillary the sequence is recorded.

Target Sequence 1


MultiGEN Diagnostics develops assays addressing the technical limitations in providing accurate comprehensive clinical information for better patient care. In doing so, MultiGEN has modified the “Gold Standard’ Sanger sequencing chemistry. Presently, MultiGEN has six modified chemistry platforms (MultiGEN™, Tumorplex™, PrimaCap™, IC-Code™, SeqVariant™ and DrugBind™). Based on combinations of these platforms, novel assays are developed in the areas of infectious diseases, oncology, pharmacogenomics, and drug development/personalized medicine.

MultiGEN Diagnostics envisions two avenues to bring these assays to the customers; By commissioning High Throughput Modules (HTMs) for laboratories that process more than 200 samples (mixture of different assays) per day; a single instrument for laboratories that process less than 200 samples mixture of different assays per day.

MultiGEN Diagnostics provides limited licensing opportunities to customers who may like to bring the assays in-house.


MultiGEN Products
Analyte Specific Reagents (ASR) for clinical test
laboratories and IVD manufacturers Research Use
Only (RUO) test kits for investigative studies.
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MultiGen News

April 21, 2017
- Can detection of Braf p.V600E mutation be improved? Comparison of allele specific multiplex sequencing to present tests

April 21, 2017
- Ultra-sensitive cancer DNA test dramatically improves patient selection for chemotherapy

September 1, 2015
- Bio-ID Diagnostic Inc. terminates business collaboration with Physician Choice Laboratory LLC.

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Proven Advantages

MultiGEN Products
  • Highest accuracy
    ‘Gold Standard’ Sanger sequencing.
  • Verifiable result format
    Nucleotide sequence.
  • Multiple Analytes
    DNA and/or RNA. Simultaneous
    identification of 10 or more targets
    per test panel.
  • Comprehensive results
    Each panel is designed to
    cover all the prevalent targets.
  • Automatic result
  • Internal control
    Built-in sample tracking and
    contamination detection.
  • High throughput
    Off-the-shelf instrumentation to
    process 100-1000 samples/shift.
  • Reduced labor and QC costs
    Unifying all testing methods on a
    single platform.